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Web Design & Website Development Glasgow, Scotland

Websites tailored to perfectly fit your brand.

You could have a uniquely innovative product or service but if your web design doesn’t do it justice with an engaging and vibrant layout, appearance and structure, you may find yourself going unjustly unnoticed and losing out on important client business.

Helping bring offline business online

Over the last few years, we’ve collaborated with a wide range of clients, each with their own set of objectives. Whether you’re in need of a large-scale e-commerce website or growing your online presence, you can be rest assured we create fully responsive and mobile friendly websites. Call 0141 231 1100 to discuss your website design requirements or click here and send us an email.

The Flow

Once your branding is firmed up, we get down to web development. Your story must be well-framed and jump off the screen – it’s your biggest chance to make a lasting impression, after all.

1. Scope

We have an initial chat about the project, develop a unique quotation and start the website plan.

2. Research

Website and competitor analysis, design research and inspiration building.

3. Wireframing

Build up wireframes for each page (simple black and white layouts that outline placement of page elements).

4. Design & Build

Create designs for the pages and collect your thoughts and feedback. Begin coding the website on the CMS (content management system).

5. Testing

Test on all modern browsers and devices. Fixes to bugs are made and the full design is then sent to you for testing and feedback.

6. Training & Launch

Train you on how to use the website, if required. Configure hosting, security and hit launch.

What is Web design?

Responsive Websites

Have you ever clicked a website on your phone and found it’s opened as a normal computer-sized page? You can try and zoom in to navigate around, but inevitably you will get frustrated and leave to find a better company for your needs. This is exactly how not to build a website, our Web Design team creates mobile responsive websites that fit all devices, ensuring every potential customer or client finds the right information with ease.

eCommerce Websites

Your product and/or services are ready, it’s time to start selling! This is when you start preparing your e-Commerce website, or as you might refer to it, an online shop. We create a clean purchase process to ensure your customers can easily buy your product or service straight from your website.

CMS Web Design

A system where you don’t have to call up your web developer to amend text, add elements to your website or to post a blog post. A Content Management System is exactly what you need. We build all our websites with this as standard and guess what, we will even teach you how to use it!

User Interface (UI) Design

There is nothing worse than opening an application and being unable to navigate it easily, or if it looks like an old Windows 99 solid grey user interface. That’s where our user interface designers come in, ready to create slick, modern and user friendly interfaces that your users can enjoy.


When you’re building a website, it’s useful to Wireframe it before you start. Wireframing is a visual blueprint of your website before it’s actually coded. This helps the developers and clients understand how it will navigate and function.

Hosting & Maintenance 

People ask what Website Hosting is quite often, think of it as renting a space online to store all your belongings, your belongings are the data you have on your website for example imagery, videos, text, pdf’s etc, these need to be stored (or hosted) somewhere. Website Maintenance keeps your website secure, relevant and updated. We check through all our websites monthly for any issues or updates, or to make any amendments. 

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