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Branding, Graphic Design & Logo Design Glasgow Scotland

We design meaningful, memorable brands for companies in the U.K.

From our base in Glasgow we work with established companies to ambitious start-up's, we partner with clients across all sectors and industries providing brand design, strategy and communication expertise. Please call 0141 231 1100 to discuss your branding requirements.

A brand is not a logo. It’s your personality, it’s your story.

This is where it all begins… We’ll either use the current brand as a starting point or build and shape a new identity.

The Flow

Once your branding is firmed up, we get down to web development. Your story must be well-framed and jump off the screen – it’s your biggest chance to make a lasting impression, after all.

1. Scope

During our scope process, we will find out exactly what you would like in the project, budgets and deadlines involved.

2. Research

At the research phase, we look into your competitors and industry to fully understand how we can improve on what’s already there.

3. Design & Develop

Design time is where we start the number of hours quoted and start developing your ideas ready for your deadline, this will arrive as an initial proposal document. With the proposal we can organise a meeting or phone call to discuss the options.

4. Refine

We understand that everybody has different opinions, so that being said, we do a refine period where we will amend your artwork until it’s perfect for you depending on how many amendment changes has been agreed upon.

5. Deliver & Grow

We deliver your high quality files / products over to yourselves. We like to retain a working relationship to see how we can help your business going forward.

What is Branding?

Brand Research

It’s important we all start on the same page for your branding project. Brand research helps us understand your industry, competitors and target market. This is the ideal time to let us know how you want your new brand to fit into your sector. The brand research will help us with the Brand Strategy. When we do brand research we don’t just look into how you look, we want to understand your brand positioning and how we’re going to get there. Tel: 0141 231 1100 for more info.

– Brand Strategy

Starting a brand is one thing, effectively entering your brand into a market and making waves/getting noticed is another! This is where brand strategy comes in, we can consider what you’re shouting about, where you should be shouting it and who you should be shouting at! A key difference between a successful, memorable brand and an unsuccessful one is a perfect combination of these elements! Tel: 0141 231 1100 for more info.

Logo Design

Are you looking for a logo design that stands out within your industry? Our branding team will go through the design process and ensure your new logo matches your identity as a business. Your logo isn’t just an image, it’s the forefront of your business, the first thing a potential client may see; it should represent who you are and what you do. Tel: 0141 231 1100 for more info.

– Graphic Design

Graphic Design can be anything we build digitally, whether it’s brochures, signage, social media assets, business cards or anything else you can come up with! If you have anything that needs to be built, we can probably do it! Let’s make your business stand out. Tel: 0141 231 1100 for more info.

– Brand Guidelines

You have a fresh new logo and branding ready to go. But to ensure your brand is always consistent from now onwards, you might need your own brand guidelines creating. This handy document explains to everybody how to use each element within your branding the right way and to not stray from your style, colours, fonts and icons. Tel: 0141 231 1100 for more info.

– Print Design 

It’s impossible to overestimate the role of printed materials in selling your business. Despite the claim that ‘everything happens online’ and that we’ve moved into the age of ‘paperless living’ every single one of us deals with printed literature every day, and it influences us much more than we realise. Tel: 0141 231 1100 for more info.

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